Thursday, April 21, 2011

[Characters] Lost - Dogen (2010)

Hiro as 'Dogen' in "Lost"

Quick Information:
- Name: Lost
- Hiro's character's name: Dogen
- Genre: TV Show
- Year: 2010 (Season 6)

About Dogen:
* Dogen' is a dignified yet delicate person. He is a crucial character that adds spice to the story. (Hiro)
* He was a member of the Others and master of the Temple.
* Dogen preferred to speak in Japanese with the aid of his translator, Lennon.
* According to Dogen, he was a very successful banker in Osaka before coming to the Island.
* He had a family, including a son.
* One day, Dogen received a promotion at work. He and his friends went out to celebrate, but Dogen drank too much.
* Under the influence, Dogen picked up his son from playing baseball and got into a terrible car accident.
* Though he himself survived, his son was seriously injured and in critical condition.
* While his son was in the hospital, an individual named Jacob approached Dogen and said that he would heal his son if Dogen came to the Island to work for him.
* Dogen accepted this offer, but never saw his son again.
* Leaving Osaka forever, Dogen took his son's baseball with him as a keepsake.

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Lost "Dogen" - 2010

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