Monday, May 2, 2011

[Info + Updates ] More details on 'Fallen Moon' movie

I did some research on Hiro's awaiting-to-be-released movie, "Fallen Movie" and I managed to find some information.

For basic information:

As for the other information found, I found them on this site in this article:
Fallen Moon Movie 2010 never to be explored with fans and right now here let’s take a look at this crime drama based movie. As it comes to the end of the year there are movies been backed with the release dates and here this movie too facing with some crisis like that. Now Fallen Moon movie was in post productions and it was starring few of the outstanding actors and actress.

This was based on a tale of detective who is more traditional with good values of living and having said that he was working at the New York with his daughter. She was beautiful and having such carrier and forced by the father where she does not all that accept. However she is also one who cares more about the dads thoughts and even having some crashed went onto their life they do seems to have a better life ahead. However in most of the times in she does not agrees with the dad about what he been taken action against people without a good judgment.



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