Saturday, May 14, 2011

[Random Chat] #2

Welcome back to our second series of .... "Random Chat" :)

Cast Your Votes:
A new poll with the name: "What Would you do if you met Hiro?"

Be honest ;)
-> Last Poll's Result: Hiroyuki Sanada as a Ninja or a Samurai? 

Did you know?
Hiroyuki Sanada is a..........GODPARENT?
Did you know, that Hiroyuki Sanada is a godparent of someone called "Kaneda" (his character's name in Sunshine).  Proof: Read this interview.

Waiting for your comments ;)


Nancy Luke said...

I like the picture of Hiro hand-shaking the girls....look at this hair!! *sighs* ;)

Anonymous said...

I'd like to do all of the above, but i'd most likely faint at the site of his royal gorgeousness.

WhiskeyRiver said...

If I met Hiro,..I'd choke.I couldnt say a word.He's so amazing that I wouldnt be able to find words that would sound intelligent. Knowing me,I'd most likely reach up,touch his cheek,turn and walk away. Just how I am.A lady of few words.

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