Friday, May 20, 2011

[Random Chat] #3

Welcome to this week's Random Chat. Let's start, shall we? :) 

The Issue's question:
First time I saw Hiro was.......
When did you know about Hiro? Or How did you know about Hiro?

Submit your answers here or on our facebook page and HSC will publish it here on the site.
Please tell us your name/your nickname and your country.

This issue's special: "Obsession"
The "Ujio" Obsession 

I guess it's clear why this week I have a clear obsession with Hiro's "The Last Samurai" character...(Ujio)

Few Photos to reinforce my obsession (1):

The master Uijo
Look at the stare!

Couple of videos to reinforce my obsession (2):

Why I liked this character?  
- Firmness
- Toughness
- Doesn't waste time taking too much
- holding tight to its own tradition and customs
- Don't mess with him ;)
- The image of the real and true samurai was brilliantly and well-protrayed
I think that Hiroyuki's first job is a samurai and his second is being an actor ;) (hehe)

-> Last Poll's Result: What Would you do if you met Hiro?

Irrelevant Hiro stuff:
Final Destination 5 Trailer (2011) + Vote

Do you like Final Destination series?

 till the next series :) 


Nancy Luke said...

I first knew about Hiro when I saw his picture on some site. It was on the 22nd of March 2011....ever since then I've been following and watching his stuff. I know it hasn't been a while but I remember that I saw him before in 'Sunshine" and "The Last Samurai" where i liked him a lot. But I never knew that I was going to end up being one of his many loyal fan ;)

Anonymous said...

first time i saw him was in the last samuari and have been a fan ever since i own 19 of his movies would own more but thats all i can find in english subtitles

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