Saturday, July 9, 2011

[Exclusive: 47 Ronin Diary] Entry #2

Our second diary entry: Our 47Ronin Diary writer this time is "Leila Wang". Lelia was playing a Geisha girl. Check out what she said...

Leila Wang

Greetings One & All,
This is just be "blogging" about my experience filming 47 Ronin. It all started back in January, The Casting Collective (UK's most reliable and successful casting agency providing supporting artistes to the film, television & photographic industries) held an open casting for "extras" for 47 Ronin. Went to the casting, where soooo many people were interested... mostly BBC's (British Born Chinese). We filled in a form, they took our measurements and photos... That was it, they got in touched if they pick you for costume fitting and filming.
I got picked to "play" a Geisha, which was so much fun, with the makeup and the clothes... everything looks so authentic and beautiful, anyways had a costume fitting in Febuary at Shepperton Studios and had soooo much makeup on, the costume was so tight, hot and fitting... plus they paid me for it, woop woop. Filming began in April and it was night shoots (5pm call time till the sun comes up) so exhausting but extremely fun... That continued on until June and then got chosen to play another character, villager and another costume. Day shoots this time (8am call time till 6pm) and mostly running around and looking busy, sometimes in danger aaaahhhhh... My final shoot for 47 Ronin was yesturday and I want to shout a massive thank you to everyone involved in this feature, its going to be amazing. Met most of the cast and crew, KR (Keanu Reeves) was so nice and friendly...WOW ^=^ even the food from the canteen was well prepared, thank you all... made some good contacts and new friends... would definitely do more of this, plus the pay is great...

Here is the link:
Thank you Leila :)


ARYA said...

LOVED reading your experience! Thanks!

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