Tuesday, April 26, 2011

[Characters] Ninja in the Dragon's Den - Jin wu (1982)

Hiro as Jin-Wu in "Ninja in the Dragon's Den"

Quick Information:
- Name: Ninja in the Dragon's Den (Long zhi ren zhe)
- Hiro's character's name: Jin-wu
- Genre: Movie
- Year: 1982
 - Language: English & Cantonese

About Jin-Wu:
 * He is shadow ninja.
 * He is a Japanese Ninja Warrior.
 * His primary opponent is Jay (Canon Lee)

The story: 
Two rival warriors, a Japanese and a Chinese, are forced to work together after their master has been killed by a mighty ennemy.

MultiMedia - HSC Photo Gallery:
captured by HSC - Plz credit when take away.

"Ninja in the Dragon's Den" - 1982


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