Saturday, April 16, 2011

[Poll + Updates] A new poll and updates on HSC

Ok folks :)
One, we got new poll for you, please take it so HSC can imporve ;). You can find the poll on the right! "What do you like about HSC?" - Thank you :)

Two, HSC is giving Hiro's creative fans to take part by sending created banners. Please check it also on the right too :)
Thank you!


Anonymous said...

HSC doesn't care about his friends on facebook. He deactivated his facebook without noticing all of the friends. I think, he doesn't respect people. I am very
disappointed what he had done.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typing mistake ! I mean, "HS", not "HSC".

Nancy Luke said...

I'm sorry. But what do you mean by HSC don't care about the facebook friends? Do you mean Hiroyuki Sanada himself or our blog?

"HSC" is an abbreviation of "Hiroyuki Sanada Corner".

And if you are talking about Hiro's facebook account, he doesn't have one, could have been a fake account!

Nancy Luke said...

That's ok! :)
but like i could have been a fake account....coz i don't think Hiro has an official facebook account :)

Anonymous said...

Yes, he did but now doesn't exist anymore !

Nancy Luke said...

But how could you be so sure? I mean how did you know it was him and not a poser?

Anonymous said...

May I also ask you that how do you know that he did not have a facebook account ?
His long biography was introced in English and Japanese and all the movies he acted since he was a kid. A fake account can not be done like that. I have seen a lot of blogs about HS and they all are not detailed enough.

Nancy Luke said...

Well....apparently neither me nor you are pretty sure that he has/had an official facebook account.

But if you are talking about the previous fanpage which was deleted....I'm sure that it was fake since facebook demanded an official confirmation from the page that it was the 'real' Hiro and since it wasn't genuine, it was deleted.

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