Thursday, June 2, 2011

[Exclusive: Info] 47 Ronin choice of cast was made in heaven?

They say that couples matches are made in heaven but will that apply upon actors and movie. Yes. 47 Ronin is a big example. Check it out!

(1) Hiroyuki Sanada:

Mr. Sanada here has portrayed the role of Lord Asano (the leader of the 47 Ronin) in 1994 in Japanese movie called "Chushingura Gaiden Yotsuya Kaidan". Nowadays, he is "Oishi" from the 47Ronin themselves in the long awaiting 47 Ronin movie. What's up with that?
Watch the trailer  |  Watch part of the movie 

(2) Asano Tadanobu:
Well....clearly there is no need for me to clarify....Asano???

(3) Jin Akanishi:
Yes sir. The young man was photographed long time ago while wearing the kimono and guess what was on the hakama?   "Asano's family crest"

Credits: Article By: Nancy Bedros  |  Special Thanks to: @Astwisa
Please maintain credits when taking away. Thank you!


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